Thursday, September 27, 2007

Updates from Joomla!

Wilco Jansen, one of Joomla!'s organization administrators, has just published a thorough end of program report on their third year in Summer of Code. The report goes into detail about the results of Joomla!'s student projects for 2007, and provides an in-depth analysis of how the organization approached mentoring and overall structure of their Summer of Code efforts. It's a great read for those interested in joining the program as a mentoring organization, or for those organizations looking for ideas on improving their participation.

Of particular interest, this year the Joomla! team offered three of their students co-mentors from other open source projects, including fellow Summer of Code participant Eclipse. Many of our mentoring organizations have expressed interest in establishing co-mentoring relationships when participating in Summer of Code, so if you're interested in this area, check out the report; it's a great place to get some ideas about how to structure co-mentoring most effectively.

The best part of the report is the great news about the program's results for Joomla!: their participation this year yielded five new recruits for their development working group, and two of their students were mentored by Summer of Code students from 2005 and 2006.

Congratulations to Aini, Charl, Enno, Faolon, Mickael, and Muhammad, as well as their mentors and the wider Joomla! community, for their fantastic summer successes!

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