Monday, October 1, 2007

SilverStripe's Summer of Code

We just heard from the team at SilverStripe CMS that they've released version 2.1. Among the many cool features added in this release, there's a brand new security system created by Summer of Coder Markus Lanthaler.

It was SilverStripe's first year in the program, and their results were spectacular. 90% of their ten student projects were successfully completed, with all code written by Summer of Coders targeted for inclusion in their forthcoming 2.2 release. If you can't wait until around November for 2.2, you can already take a look at their students' code by checking out a daily build. You might also want to take a look at the screencast on Mateusz Ujma's work to add additional image functionality to the CMS.

Congratulations to all of SilverStripe's students and mentors, as well as the wider SilverStripe community, for their stellar initial foray into Summer of Code!

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