Friday, January 25, 2008

Position Filled

You may recall our posts calling for help from Summer of Coders for the Highly Open Participation Contest or our call to hear more from you about your recent adventures in open source. Alexandre Vassalotti dropped us a quick note, and turns out his latest adventures include helping out with GHOP for the Python Software Foundation. He was one of their students in 2007.

Alexandre writes:

Since the end of Summer of Code, I've continued working with my mentoring organization. I am now one of the few Python core developers working on Python 3000, the next major release of the language. Like everyone else, my contributions are limited to the short amount of free time I have. Recently, I contributed to GHOP by suggesting tasks and mentoring new contributors. According to Titus, our GHOP coordinator, I hold the record for the task with the most comments. :) For me, GHOP is preparation for the next Summer of Code, but this time around I'll be mentoring.

Many thanks to Alexandre for sharing his experiences with us and many kudos to him for his mentorship of other students.

Have you been mentoring for GHOP or are you a former Summer of Code student planning to mentor during future instances of the program? We always love to hear from you; post a comment and let us know!


orsenthil said...

Congratulations Alexandre. I have been viewing your commits and hope to follow suit. :-)

MiCCAS said...

I'll definately be looking into being a mentor for GHOP next time around, I'd love to help give the same opportunity to others like myself.

Leslie Hawthorn said...

@ orsenthil & miccas: Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to having you among our mentors one day.

Anonymous said...
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