Thursday, September 20, 2007

All Things GCC

For our latest podcast, we had a chance to catch up with Ian Lance Taylor, one of GCC's organization administrators, and Laurynas Biveinis, one of their 2006 students. You'll hear some highlights of GCC's Summer of Code successes from Ian, as well as learn more about ways to contribute to GCC development. Laurynas shares a bit with us about his experiences in the program, and even treats us to a sneak peak at life as a Google intern.

If you're a would-be Summer of Code student, you might also want to check out Laurynas' blog, which gives some additional great advice on writing an effective program application and more.

Many thanks to Ian and Laurynas for joining us!

You can download the podcast in mp3 or ogg formats. Alternatively, you can subscribe to it.

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