Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Updates from the XMPP Standards Foundation

The XMPP Standards Foundation, formerly known as the Jabber Software Foundation, joined us in 2007 for their third year of Summer of Code, and the results were once again superb. All six of XMPP's students successfully completed their projects, with incredibly cool results like Jingle support for Gajim. You can find more information, including links to final project summaries written by each student, in XMPP's program write up.

Congratulations to Armando, Bernardo, Brendan, Matthew, Tobias and Tomasz, as well as their mentors and the wider XMPP community, for another great showing in Summer of Code!


Unknown said...

Thanks, it was a lot of fun.

Leslie Hawthorn said...

@ ajaguki: You are most welcome. Thank you for being one of our students.

Unknown said...

Yeah, overall it was a nice experience. :)