Monday, October 15, 2007

Summer of Coders at Google: Angela Byron

Following on from last week's Mentor Summit, we were fortunate enough to have two guests from the Drupal project visit us for a tech talk. Angela Byron, Summer of Coder extraordinaire, joined us along with her co-conspirator Geoff Butterfield, for a presentation on Implementing Drupal. Check out the video to learn more from Angie about the CMS' architecture and deploying Drupal sites. Added bonus, Geoff treats us to a taste of Drupal in action through a case study of, the website of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, where Geoff works as the foundation's Senior Technical Producer.

Many thanks to Angie and Geoff for joining us, and to Cat Allman from our Open Source Programs Office for hosting their talk!

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Puremajik said...

loved the presentation. is it available in better quality as it is hard to see the slides in the second half?