Thursday, August 30, 2007


The KOffice folks, who worked under KDE's banner for this year's Summer of Code, have posted an update on some of the cool results of their student's 2007 projects.

Some highlights from new faces:

  • Fredy Yanardi added several plugins to the KOffice, including bookmarks and various text transformation tools such as changing case and auto correction.
  • Marijn Kruisselbrink has, apparently, accomplished the impossible: you can now edit sheet music from any KOffice document.
  • Sven Langkamp worked on new selection visualizations for Krita, building off work done by Emanuele Tamponi, KDE Summer of Coder for 2006.
And from old hands:
  • Emanuele Tamponi joined us once again this year, working on some significant improvements to color mixing in Krita.
  • Pierre Ducroquet, three time Summer of Coder, worked on a full reimplementation of ODF support in KWord. Even better, he plans to keep working on it after the Summer of Code concludes.
If you're interested in learning more, including ways the KOffice folks could use more help, cruise on over to Boudewijn Rempt's full write up.

Congratulations to KOffice's mentors and students!

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