Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer of Coders at aKademy 2007

Thiago Macieira, three time organization administrator for the KDE project, wrote in to give us an update about Summer of Code activities at the upcoming aKademy 2007 conference:

The annual KDE developers' conference, aKademy, is right around the
corner. Starting on June 30th, it is the turn of the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland to welcome the KDE hackers for a week.

This year, like the previous two, Google Summer of Code students will be attending in force. At least 10 of KDE's 2007 GSoC students have already confirmed their participation and one of them will
be giving a talk: Marcus Hanwell, who is working on Kalzium, will talk about the Gentoo KDE team and packages.

During the hackathon, there is also a BoF planned to discuss KDE's participation in Summer of Code. It'll be an opportunity to share experiences, discuss the lessons learned and for our students to talk to non-participants about their experiences in the program.

The aKademy organisation has also been able to reimburse the travel fees for some of the students -- past and present, accepted or not -- who have already shown exceptional commitment. This would not have been possible without the help of this year's sponsors, including Google.

Whether aKademy will be fruitful for the Summer of Code attendees or if the developers just succeed in giving the students more work (on other parts of KDE) remains to be seen. :-)

We hope to see you there!

Thanks to Thiago for the update. We'd love to hear from Summer of Coders about their plans for the conference or their experiences when they attend. Post a comment and give us the scoop!


Unknown said...

I'm attending aKademy, but this time I'm not in the selection of KDE students... so, count me in as the unofficial one, I'm coding for Drupal this year x-)

Marcus D. Hanwell said...

I am attending this year too - it will be my first aKademy conference. I am really looking forward to it. I will give a talk about Gentoo Linux and KDE as mentioned. I am also hoping to meet other GSoC students and get to know some of the KDE guys - I have been reading planet KDE for quite some time now. I even made it on there now too - you can't get rid of me this summer :)

Leslie Hawthorn said...

@ jakob petsovits: Cool! Let us know how it goes. Give the Drupalites my regards, too. :)

@ marcus d. hanwell: I'd love to hear how your talk goes. Maybe post a comment later with a link to your slides?