Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Moment with Moodle

Joining us for their second Summer of Code, the Moodle project took on nine students in 2007. Martin Dougiamas, the project's founder, sent us a great synopsis of their students' success this year:

  • 2 created immediately useful components that were included in Moodle's new core release
  • 4 created components slated for inclusion in their next release
  • 1 created a component that will be maintained as a separate download
  • 1 student created a proof of concept (voice support) that will be further developed in the future

You can get more details on each of Moodle's 2007 projects from their project wiki.

Congratulations to all of Moodle's students and mentors, as well as the wider Moodle community, for another successful Summer of Code!

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