Thursday, September 13, 2007

Updates from VideoLAN

VideoLAN joined Summer of Code as a brand new organization this year, and their organization administrator, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, has posted a round up of their results this year. VideoLAN began the program with eight students, with 50% ultimately successfully completing the program. Jean-Baptiste's write up fully documents VideoLAN's obstacles and triumphs this year, and it's great reading for anyone wondering about the difficult aspects of participating in the program, such as student problems with illness or disappearance. Many thanks to the folks at VideoLAN for this candid and helpful discussion.

The news for VideoLAN's four successful students is, however, fantastic: two have had their code merged with the trunk and there are plans to merge the work of the other two students soon.

Congratulations to Biodun, Pierre, Philip-David and Soren, as well as their mentors and the wider VideoLAN community, for their summer success this year!

If anyone would like to share their thoughts on VideoLAN's participation, post a comment and let us know.

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