Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GNOME and Summer of Code

Behdad Esfahbod, who joined us a student in 2005 working on preload with Fedora, went on to become one of GNOME's organization administrators in 2006 and 2007. Take a look at Behdad's Summer of Code check-in, which highlights some of the projects Behdad followed closely this year. Behdad talks a bit about Etienne Bersac's continued work from 2006 on Gnome Scan, which was recently covered by Ars Technica. Behdad also notes that Ori Bernstein, who worked with X.Org in 2006, has been co-conspiring with 2006 GNOME SoCer Ryan Lortie on cross-application scripting.

GNOME worked with nearly thirty students this year, and Lucas Rocha, another of their organization administrators, has written up a summary of their 2007 Summer of Code experience. Cruise by Lucas' post for more information on the organization's procedures for the program, as well as a pointer to all of GNOME's students' blogs.

We've only highlighted a few of GNOME's accomplishments here, but no doubt the community can tell us more. Community members, please post a comment to let folks know more about GNOME's summer successes.

Congratulations to all of GNOME's mentors and students and to the GNOME community for their third awesome performance in Summer of Code!

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