Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Success

Helping open source projects, large and small, bring in new developers is one of Summer of Code's primary goals, so it's always great to hear that the program has helped decrease a project's bus factor.

I had the privledge of meeting Tim Ansell, one of the lead developers and Summer of Code organization administrators for the Thousand Parsec, at 2007, and got a chance to learn a bit more about their project. When Thousand Parsec applied to be a mentoring organization for Summer of Code 2007, we were happy to have another mentoring organization from the Southern Hemisphere take part. Plus, open source game development is just plain cool.

I stumbled across Tim's blog today, where he talked about the results of this year's Summer of Code for Thousand Parsec. While Tim has more to say about what SoC has helped his project achieve, the best part for me was:

"With myself recently graduating, the nature of my contributions to the project is going to change and it’s nice to know that others will be helping to keep the project alive."

We're glad we could help Thousand Parsec find new developers, and we've heard similar comments from our other mentoring organizations. If anyone would like to share a story about how Summer of Code has helped with the bus factor challenge, post a comment and let us know.

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