Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer of Coders at Campus Party

Campus Party 11, held in Valencia, Spain, was in full swing two weeks ago, and four Summer of Coders were on hand to participate in the festivities. Each of them gave a talk on their Summer of Code experience, and generally hung out to enjoy the festivities. Google tents anyone?

Laurens Vandeput, student in 2006 and mentor in 2007 for the Joomla! project, and Steffen Pingel, 2006 student for Eclipse working on Mylyn (formerly Mylar), found some cool things to discuss after their talks, and we've heard they may be collaborating on a project soon. Desmond Elliot, 2006 student for the Camino project and returning this year to work with OpenMRS, shared a bit about his love for open source as a vehicle for social change. Kai Blin, three time Summer of Code student with The Wine Project, plans to be a mentor next year, and needless to say we're looking forward to it.

You can check out more about Campus Party, including photos from the talks given by Desmond, Kai, Laurens and Steffen, on Google's Campus Party blog.

Have questions after reading the blog, taking a look at the presentation slides and checking out the pics? Want a Google tent of your very own? Well, we can't get you a tent, but we will make sure that these SoCers answer any questions you post in the comments.

[Note: Posts on Google's Campus Party blog are written in both English and Spanish.]


Kai said...

Actually, I'm a student for Samba this year. I've worked for Wine the past two years, though.

Leslie Hawthorn said...

@ kai: Color me embarrassed - sorry, Kai. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Summer of Coders are people of many talents. :)