Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer of Coders at Google: Desmond Elliott

You've probably already heard about all the cool stuff you can do if you visit our Mountain View, California USA Headquarters: help yourself to a delicious free lunch, check out our replica of SpaceShipOne or take a look at our corporate solar panel installation. If you're a Summer of Coder, though, you're likely to be talked into a recording a podcast.

Desmond Elliott visited a few weeks ago and I got to catch up with him about his work on the Camino project for SoC 2006 and his plans for working with OpenMRS this year. Desmond also has the usual sage advice for would-be Summer of Code students and some thoughts on our first SoC podcast with Angie Byron from the Drupal project.

You can directly download the podcast or subscribe to the podcast.

Enjoy the show!


iFeghali said...

oh an OS Mac web browser ! I have a Mac for almost 7 months and never heard about Camino before. Maybe because I am too addicted to firefox that I don't look for anything else ;) I will surely give Camino a try :D
Thats awesome we can find such wonderful projects in SoC !
By the way.. static tabs are something that always bothered me ;)

orsenthil said...

I listened to this podcast after a long time it got published. It was a good one.
Good Luck, Desmond with SoC.
I am first timer with PSF, and got an important point of following up with deadlines from your podcast.

Leslie Hawthorn said...

I'm glad both of you enjoyed the podcast and found it useful. :)