Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Umit Project

It's awesome when a Summer of Code student goes on to become a mentor for others. Adriano Monteiro Marques, SoCer in 2005 and 2006 working with the Nmap Security Scanner project, has done even better; his student project, Umit, has been chosen as the official Nmap frontend. Adriano has even come back for round three of Summer of Code this year. This time he's mentoring students for Umit, which was chosen as a new mentoring organization for Summer of Code 2007.

For our second podcast, we had a chance to catch up with Adriano about life as a Summer of Coder, as well as Umit and other free software in Brazil.

You can directly download the second episode, or you can subscribe to the podcast. Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Enjoy the show!


laus deo said...

Great podcast thanks! Adriano, Umit rocks!

While listening to it, I remembered the day I switched to Open Source. I asked myself why I like Open Source.

I realized that I like it because its possibilities. I hope to see the day when machines (not very smart robots, or thing-printers) become readily available to the general public. Programs become recipes that those machines use to produce things. From food to cars. If that day comes, the need for defining "Open Source" in Wikipedia might disappear as everybody will carry the word in their minds and hearts.

brahmana said...

Highly inspiring.

Its fantastic to know that an idea that started as an SoC project has now become a SoC mentoring organization. Really motivating.

I have a blog entry containing few simple and regular steps to be followed to get involved into open source development. Here it is. There I had mentioned that its better to join in with one of the several on-going projects as many of the newly started things are either redundant or stop at a pre v1.0 stage and remain dormant. But after listening to podcast and with Umit here I guess I will have to edit my blog. :)

Great Job.

And Adriano the name is cool.

"Use me instead Trinity" - Nice thinking.

And LH - I too like the matrix series a lot and there is a big fan following for that, AFAIK

Bogdan Pistol said...

Interesting podcast.
I want more podcasts about GSoC!

Leslie Hawthorn said...

Glad to hear everyone is enjoying the podcast. Thanks for your comments!