Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer of Coders Down Under

So it's not summer Down Under at the moment, but we've got a great showing of Aussie's feeling the coding heat! We have twelve Aussie students again this year, joined by over 50 would-be program mentors.

Of particular note, we have a Summer of Coder this year who owns one of the only two XO-1's in all of Australia. Joel Stanley, who was kind enough to share a pint with me at 2007, will be spending some time at One Laptop Per Child's offices in Cambridge, working on the charger units for the XO-1. You can read more about Joel's journey as an SoCer on his blog.


DD32 said...

Soo... What do us extra special aussie winter coders get? :P

shenki said...

Just a little correction: there's plenty more than 2 XO's floating around down under these days; James Cameron has several which he uses to test the range of the wireless radio on his farm, Paul Schulz from my home town has one, and Trent Lloyd, who hacks on Avahi, also has one. I'm sure there are plenty more floating around!



Leslie Hawthorn said...

@ dd32: Hrm, a t-shirt? :)

@ shenki: Thanks for the correction. Glad to see that the XO-1s are proliferating in Australia!